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03 March 2009 @ 05:15 pm
Some updates on my personal life  
Some quick updates about my personal life... I'm almost done with my Masters program at Indy, which is, wow, does time ever slip by too fast!    About two years ago, I was just shedding tears about leaving behind my life at Vancouver; however, just recently, I found myself a little furious when a new-comer I bumped into at a bus stop complaint to me how much he hates everything about this city (i.e., the weather is terrible, the transportation sucks, the people are not welcoming and etc =-=).   It's funny, I guess I have grown quite accustomed to the quiet and country life here at Mid-west.   Although I do terribly miss the awesome food and entertainment at Vancouver, the image of the over-populated city and tiny little parking spots that one has to squeeze into can be at times frightening.  But then again, sometimes the boredom and isolation here at Indy can really kill!!!  .................I'm contradictory, I know.  =(  
Mood: soresore
Music: The sound of old computers wizzing in the office. @_@