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29 June 2007 @ 03:50 pm
Updates about missing roommate  
Some updates about my missing roommate.  

Today I came home seeing light in her room.  I thought she's back, but then it turns out that they were faces of worried friends, who came asking about her.  It turned out that the immigration office has released her yesterday around 4 pm, but it's already been 24 hours, and she's still not home.  She didn't have her wallet, keys or cellphone with her, so she might have some difficulties getting home (I'm a little worried if she actually knows her way?), gee, but it's been a day now, she should find her way home by now. 

I remembered she used to keep her room locked all the time.  It was sacred- she rarely invites me in.   And now it is a mess, because the friends have been trying to find pieces of paper or any phone numbers that might indicate where she might be.   Records of her phone barely showed any numbers, most of them are outgoing calls to her parents at China.  She didn't seem to have any friends at all, the friends today are actually friends of family friends, so they don't really know her that well.   They couldn't find any other numbers in her cellphone contact list besides the moving company, the mobile company, her parents and a good friend who is no longer in Vancouver.  

Where could she possibly be?   Her parents over the phone says she's an introverted child, and she doesn't like talking to people and has very few friends.   To me, she's just quite simple, really, she doesn't know where the mall is, or where Superstore is, or what colleges there are in Vancouver.   She also asked me a few times how to say certain phrases in English, but looked utterly embarrassed (she probably thought I was laughing at her, or something..). 

Well, I don't know, it's been 4 days, hopefully she's okay.   Her friends just phoned the immigration office to confirm that it was her who has been released yesterday.  If she has indeed been released and is still not home, we might have to call the cops, which means they will have to examine her room once more.. -_- And possibly question me because I'm her roommate.. I certainly hope I don't become a suspect or anything.............. (*sweats) I have way too many exams and am way too busy to be locked up.... -__-  I'm innocent, really..... -_- 
flojack on June 30th, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
That's scary, do you guys live in a dorm or something?

But if she was taken away, surely she was allowed to bring money so at least she could pay for her public transportation fee??

But 24 hours is quite a long time, perhaps her parents know something?