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26 March 2009 @ 03:45 pm
I couldn't help but laugh when I received this email from the university today.

Don't Feed the Geese!

Please distribute this broadly to your building occupants.    

Geese have discovered numerous areas on campus where they like to build nests.  Often times they have eggs or goslings and become extremely protective of the area around the nests.  When humans get close to these nests they are often times attacked, which has led to injuries to IUPUI employees. 

The Campus Facility Services (CFS) Grounds Department personnel are trying to keep geese from building nests around buildings and they need your help.  Some people want to feed the geese, but this is a bad practice for many reasons.   DO NOT FEED THE GEESE!    If you see others feeding them, please inform them that they should not feed them.  It is IUPUI’s practice not to feed any wild birds or animals on campus.  

The CFS Grounds Department has a federal permit to remove and/or destroy eggs and nests.  If you encounter problems with geese, please contact the CFS Trouble Line at 278-19**. 

So next time when I get attacked by a goose while happily jogging in campus roads, I will sure contact the CFS Trouble Hotline. O_O

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03 March 2009 @ 05:15 pm
Some quick updates about my personal life... I'm almost done with my Masters program at Indy, which is, wow, does time ever slip by too fast!    About two years ago, I was just shedding tears about leaving behind my life at Vancouver; however, just recently, I found myself a little furious when a new-comer I bumped into at a bus stop complaint to me how much he hates everything about this city (i.e., the weather is terrible, the transportation sucks, the people are not welcoming and etc =-=).   It's funny, I guess I have grown quite accustomed to the quiet and country life here at Mid-west.   Although I do terribly miss the awesome food and entertainment at Vancouver, the image of the over-populated city and tiny little parking spots that one has to squeeze into can be at times frightening.  But then again, sometimes the boredom and isolation here at Indy can really kill!!!  .................I'm contradictory, I know.  =(  
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21 December 2008 @ 12:56 pm
Okay, I'm writing.

No, I don't smell like curry, anymore.  My 5th avenue perfume makes me smell extravagant.  In fact, it's the kind of extravaganza that makes you want to constantly circle around me, again and again.

(*Dodges from cans and empty bottles)
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09 September 2007 @ 04:13 pm

Argh.  Weekends never felt so great.  No worries about driving or dealing with.. my dad being crazy in the car.  -_-  Had a lot of assignments due, but that's alright..  Argh.  My armpit really smells...like curry.  -__-  I can't stand it anymore.  I should really take a shower, but i'm going to swimming soon..that means I would have to take a shower twice.. hmmmm... how contradicting.  X_X

06 September 2007 @ 09:32 am
Ack.  There would have been more than a handful of accidents this morning if my dad didn't get me to step on my brakes in time.  Ack, I feel terrible about myself..   But I mean.. I got my license couple of years back and hasn't really driven ever since.  When I'm with Mr. Bear, he has a car.. so he just took care of everything.   

For the past two weeks I've been driving myself to school.  I must say it has been the most stressful thing so far about relocating to IN.   It's an hour drive past a number of roads in the outskirt and then into downtown.  I must admit that I find roads at Indianapolis ridiculously confusing.  Unlike roads in Vancouver, many aren't interconnected.  In a lot of roads, if you missed an intersection, you have to take a totally different path.  And there are a lot of huge swirls, confusing intersections and unwarned merging lanes.   I don't know how to deal with it all, my rusty techniques, my lousy sense of direction, the road signs and my dad screaming beside me at the passenger seat.   

And my dad, hasn't changed a bit.   He wouldn't stop telling me what a terrible person I am and infer my mistakes in driving to everything else in my life.   I don't want to hear a bit of it, for most times I just ignore him, but when it comes to asking him for directions on which lane I should take or where I should turn, he's already so worked up he couldn't give a clear direction anymore, so I make a mistake and then I get another earful.   This morning I spent more time arguing with my dad in the car than watching out for road signs, so I missed a merging sign and almost got hit by the speeding car on my left.. 

I don't know what I should do.  Am I really a failure?  Mr. Bear says i am not, but I can't think of any contributions I have made to my family as of far.  I'm almost 24, I can't drive, I don't have a job.  I got into Grad School.  Big deal.  I don't even want to do Grad school.   I'm not really motivated about doing anything at the moment.  If I stayed in vancouver, would my life have been any different?  I don't know.
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29 June 2007 @ 03:50 pm
Some updates about my missing roommate.  

Today I came home seeing light in her room.  I thought she's back, but then it turns out that they were faces of worried friends, who came asking about her.  It turned out that the immigration office has released her yesterday around 4 pm, but it's already been 24 hours, and she's still not home.  She didn't have her wallet, keys or cellphone with her, so she might have some difficulties getting home (I'm a little worried if she actually knows her way?), gee, but it's been a day now, she should find her way home by now. 

I remembered she used to keep her room locked all the time.  It was sacred- she rarely invites me in.   And now it is a mess, because the friends have been trying to find pieces of paper or any phone numbers that might indicate where she might be.   Records of her phone barely showed any numbers, most of them are outgoing calls to her parents at China.  She didn't seem to have any friends at all, the friends today are actually friends of family friends, so they don't really know her that well.   They couldn't find any other numbers in her cellphone contact list besides the moving company, the mobile company, her parents and a good friend who is no longer in Vancouver.  

Where could she possibly be?   Her parents over the phone says she's an introverted child, and she doesn't like talking to people and has very few friends.   To me, she's just quite simple, really, she doesn't know where the mall is, or where Superstore is, or what colleges there are in Vancouver.   She also asked me a few times how to say certain phrases in English, but looked utterly embarrassed (she probably thought I was laughing at her, or something..). 

Well, I don't know, it's been 4 days, hopefully she's okay.   Her friends just phoned the immigration office to confirm that it was her who has been released yesterday.  If she has indeed been released and is still not home, we might have to call the cops, which means they will have to examine her room once more.. -_- And possibly question me because I'm her roommate.. I certainly hope I don't become a suspect or anything.............. (*sweats) I have way too many exams and am way too busy to be locked up.... -__-  I'm innocent, really..... -_- 
29 June 2007 @ 03:43 pm
On Tuesday, I made an entry about how some immigration officers came to question my roommate who is an international student.  I made the entry in a jokingly manner, not knowing that they actually took her with them.  Everything was done very secretly, they refused our presence during the questioning, and I was just in my room when the door slammed. 

My roommate hardly talks to anyone, including me and our landlord, so really, none of us knew why this happened.  What we suspect, though, is that either she is having problems with her VISA, or that she hasn't been registered in any courses (and that probably violates her legal status as an international student).   We have pretty much expected that when someone is being 'arrested', there is no way the officers are going to allow him/her to bring wallet or cellphones, so we have no way of contacting her, either.  

I feel a little bad for her, well, it's not like she's particularly friendly towards me ever since she moved in, but still... It must be scary for a young girl like her to be locked up somewhere... and really, I don't think she's a criminal or anything.. =(  All she does is all day is cooking and downloading massive Chinese soap-opera's that cloaks up our bandwidth and then I couldn't surf my Youtube.   -_- 

*sigh.  Well, we will just wait and see what happens, I guess.
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27 June 2007 @ 10:29 pm
Wha-?  I don't get it.  Perhaps my five years of University education failed me, but I guess such thing as relationships don't work in terms of theories, or passes repetitive testing.

Last time when Mr. Bear went out alone with a girl, my little rule system, although seemingly silly and naive, seems to work out fine for the both of us.  But this time when I childishly tried to lay the same rules in front of him before he left, he gave a weary frown and asked whether if it is because I don't trust him.. 

Well, ugh.. no... but...

"Are you trying to control me and tell me whom I can see and cannot see?"

Well... ugh... no... but..

"Are you trying to make me lose a ten-year friendship with someone who's very important to me?"

Well.. ugh.. ugh.. ugh..

There.  I'm speechless.  But then I threw a big tandrum anyway.  And then we get into a huge, ear-blasting argument over the phone, which I'm sure everyone on my block heard.  -_-  (Well, there goes the come-back for their loud BBQ's at 2AM in the morning when I'm trying to sleep.)

Gee, can't say I lived it all, but now I know one thing for sure about relationships.  I say with every relationship you'd always find one little problem that bothers you the most, even since the beginning.  Believe me, this tiny peck of dust can linger for quite a long time, a long long time.   *Sigh.  I knew it, I knew with Mr. Bear and his intimacy with other female friends, I would go completely ballistic one day.  The termite, the thorn in our relationship!!!!  >:{}   

*sigh.  No solutions as of yet, though.  None, none.
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26 June 2007 @ 02:37 pm
Gee, what a bummer.  I was making some lousy fried-rice this afternoon, rushing to go to school when I hear some loud, impatient knocking on my door.   When I opened it, I was greeted by two armed immigration officers asking for my roommate. 

Ack.  You can imagine the look on their faces, me in my homey clothing and a kitchen with smell of fried-rice.  No, sir, this is not Chinatown Ghetto, and I am indeed a somewhat white-washed Chinese Canadian. -.-

Seriously, this new, well, semi-new roommate I had rarely talks to me at all, regardless of how much effort I threw in to make friends with her.  They were talking in private, but  I overheard something about a college named Access that sold her an international status, yet this college never existed.  Gack, terrible, just terrible.  I think they are gone now (*listens).    Ah lousy private colleges in Vancouver. Be careful, be very careful.
14 June 2007 @ 01:32 am
I just received a letter from BCIT yesterday.  Have got some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that I've been accepted into the Medical Laboratory Tech Program.  The bad news is that the program has currently been filled.  Funny they tell you things like this.  It seems now that there's not much I can do but wait.  Number 20 on the waiting list.  You pray that in the next six month somebody will change their minds and drop their spots.  One thing that pisses me off, though, is that waiting lists do not get carried through to next year.  I was told that I would have to go through the application procedure again If I didn't get in this round.  

Ack.  Only if I had applied earlier.  Just one month earlier, there might still be spots open.


Now I'm really considering going to the States... I know Mr. Bear doesn't want me to go... but everyone I talked to told me how little growth there is for Biotech at Vancouver.   If you want to do research-related work, you got to go East, or down to the States.  The only hot jobs at BC that are related to the Biology field is Health Sciences, Medical lab tech is one of them, others include Radiography technicians, Imaging technician and the likes.   And of course you can get all the required training at BCIT even without going through an undergraduate degree, though it is highly competitive.  I heard most people who are in those programs are almost guaranteed a job as soon as they graduate if not before. 

On the other hand, I don't regret getting an Undergraduate degree, I mean, my five year university education isn't totally wasted.  I did receive words of wisdom, and of course, I'm sure this would be an advantage when it comes to applying to any Health Sciences programs. 

I'm really not sure what to do at the moment.  I don't even know when, or if at all, that I will get into the program.  All other Health Sciences programs at BCIT has also been filled up, as I have recently checked.  And the next intake isn't until 2008.

It's a little discouraging.  Well, not only a little, but a big one.  BCIT is one of my backup choices, and the only one now that I've been rejected by the graduate programs.  Well, I'm still waiting for the Biostatistics program to get back to me, and if that one's gone too, I really don't have anymore choices left.   Mr. Bear says to me why don't I work in a crappy job for now and apply to more at the meantime, but I really don't want to do that.  I know the chances are, I will be so tired from my McDonalds or BurgerKing job that I won't have any will to go and apply for more.   If I really need to do something to pass time, I rather find a crappy Lab Assistant job, at least I'll still be somewhat involved in my field of expertise.  Or, volunteer as some sort of assistant at a hospital, something like that.

Perhaps I will leave for IN again in August and see what opportunity I might come across.  I know Mr. Bear is very afraid, he's afraid that if I leave, I would never come back again.  I, on the other hand, do feel a little relieved.  Anything is better than being stucked and going nowhere...  Maybe he could come for visits frequently, or I can come back and visit him... I'm sure we can work something out... who knows, maybe a couple years down the road, I might end up with a job closer to vancouver.. like, in Seattle.. or..

*sigh.. I don't know... =(
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08 June 2007 @ 02:32 pm
Hello, all!  I realized I haven't written in the longest time!

Some updates on my life - I'm not going to Indiana, yet!  One reason being that, well, shamefully-speaking, I've been rejected by a few Grad Schools at IN.  =\   I have also applied to a Masters program in Bio-statistics, that is also at IN.  But I'm required to take some upper-level math courses before I can be considered (for instace, Linear Algebra and Calculus III).   And hence if you see me dragging my tired corpse around with a whole handful of Math textbooks and a heavy backpack on my shoulders, that's probably why.

I have also applied to the Medical Laboratory Science program at the BC Institute of Technology (BCIT).  I have heard numerous good comments about it, especially the promising job placement after graduation.  So we will see how that goes.  Hopefully I can do some things with my life, if not everything.   Nothing is unexpected.  I mean, with a Biology degree, I pretty much knew I was going to work in a lab.  Though I also enjoy the research and investigation part of it, well, we will see how it goes. 

One thing I'm looking forward to, though, is Friday dinner with Mr. Bear!   After having school Monday to Friday with very little rest and food,  you can imagine how much I've been looking forward to this tasteful FEAST all week!  


We've been carefully selecting our Friday dinners by making a reference to DineHere.ca, a restaraunt guide to Vancouver.  It's an awesome little app really - you can search restaurants by price, location, ethic and etc and read reviews from different users.   We've already gone to a few of the recommended restaurants, such as Nice Cafe on Broadway for brunch and Cho Sun for Korean BBQ, which were all pretty good!  I think we might go again for BBQ tonight... I need meat, meat and more meat!!!!!! >:{ }}}
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18 April 2007 @ 10:41 pm
Mr. Bear made it home at 9:00. He deserves a cookie!

The Shooting at Virginia Tech is all over the news again tonight. As scenes of fleeing students, crying family members and pictures of the shooter holding guns flashed again and again on the television, teachers and various investigators came forward and talked about this 'sick sick kid'. As if now it seems that nobody has learnt of his motives, why he shot who he shot, and why did he bear so much hatred. So far the only reason the authorities have given was one - He is a psychologically disturbed child who decided to go on a killing spree. As simple as that.

But for some reason I can see more, I feel like I can see more beyond the motives of this child. I don't know, but as soon as I heard people at work mentioning that he was Korean, one thing strucked me -- bullying.

While everyone at work went on and on about how he is crazy and an unexplainable, I couldn't stop thinking to myself, why? why? why did he bear so much hatred? was he abused and relentlessly tormented when he while he was at school?

My heart felt guilty but it wanted to symphasize...Collapse )
18 April 2007 @ 06:52 pm
I threw a big fuss again because Mr. Bear is out having dinner with a "girl friend" tonight.   It drives me absolutely mad when he uses the expression,  "Oh, by the way, I'm taking so-and-so out to dinner on Thursday so I won't be able to see you."  And if I phone him sometimes during the midst of it, there's his quiet voice on the other end, "Oh hi, sweetie..  I don't have time to talk rightnow.  I'm with so-and-so rightnow and she says 'hi'.  I will call you later?"


But a relationship is a relationship, and yes, people within the relationship must abide to certain set of rules, rules that the people in the relationship create!   Therefore, I promptly laid these rules out in front of Mr. Bear before he left the door:

1- No intimate contact of any kind, and this includes hugging! 
2- Must report back to me before 9:30pm!!


"Yes, maaam."  He shook his head with a sigh.  

That poor boy.  

Some friends said to me, "What?  You let your boyfriend do this, and that, without getting mad at him?  How do you do it?"  Well, I think I do cut him some slack compared to a lot of other girlfriends.   He has a reason to be extremely thankful about that. =T

Perhaps I do feel secure enough in our relationship that it's okay for him to do certain things.   A relationship is built on trust and I think we are working towards it.  

Blah.  You're going to laught at me, now, aren't you?   I felt like I've made a lame speech or something.


I'm gonna go and play some Harvest Moon and woo the girl of my dreams!   That game is addicting. O_O
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28 February 2007 @ 09:59 pm
Dance as a therapy for cancer prevention - now proven by research! Which is awesome!

I used to love dancing, secretly learning Johnny's and w-inds. dance steps in my room. >___<||||    (On a side note, my favorite dances from them are Typhoon Generation and Paradox!!) Only now that I realized how little of the world of dance I have explored.

I'm actually a little tempted to learn ballroom dancing, like Salsa or Latin. I'm envious of girls who are ballroom dancers, their nicely-toned body and the bout of confidence they present themselves with. I feel like a young girl, looking up at these pretty ladies with envious eyes, them in their pretty shiny dresses that I wish I could someday own.

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22 February 2007 @ 12:13 am
No doubt many of you have heard about the new passport policy and how crazily busy passport offices are in the new year.

"Since January 23, 2007, a new American law requires everyone entering the United States BY AIR to have a valid passport.

Canadians can continue to use such documents as their birth certificates and drivers’ licence to cross the Canada-U.S. border BY LAND AND SEA for at least another year."

So basically you could still drive freely across the border without a Passport (well, somewhat freely anyway), providing that you are a Canadian citizen. Direct flights now require a passport. I've been telling Mr. Bear to get one just in case he decided to come for a visit when I'm gone to IN, but he's been so busy and I have been, too. We have been dragging it on until yesterday.

"Today we will make a day of lining-up and getting your passport done!" I exclaimed, dragging him out of bed at 6:00 in the morning. We went to the office at Richmond, avoiding Downtown, knowing how popular that is with people.

Unfortunately we hadn't predict the worst. By the time we got there, the line-up was already making loops around the building, to the alleyway and out to the street. Late February was still cold for Vancouver- simply a T-shirt and Jacket didn't seem enough. We stood in line trembling in the brittle cold wind, thinking, "Darn it! When will the line ever move??"

Then you look around and see the few smart ones, those who have probably lined up for a Football game or two. Not only were they nicely wrapped in warm blankets, some of them even brought beach chairs and food!

So we waited, and waited and waited. They were only letting less than 50 people into the office at a time due to some fire-escape policy. What's worse, the passport office isn't close to any convenient location at all. The closest mall is about 2/3 blocks away and there is no washroom in the office. Luckily we had two people. Mr. Bear and I took turns running to the nearest washroom.

When I really couldn't take the cold anymore, Mr. Bear opened up his jacket and let me bury my head inside, wrapped up like a bun. >_< When that didn't work, he searched through his bag and brought out poker cards and taught me how to do card tricks. >_< Later we played this game called "24" where you draw out 4 random cards and try to figure out if the numbers could make 24 by either +, -, x, or division. I got so mad because he always beat me. /_\ But that kept us busy for a few hours. Yes. A FEW hours!

Finally, we see the door! The crowd shouted and cheered. I couldn't describe what we were at this point, perhaps hungry barbarians eyeing a roasted pig in the oven. Finally we were being let in, pulled a ticket and waited for another 40 minutes in the office before the bulletin called our number.

So there it is, it's done! In another 40 days we, or Mr. Bear, should have his passport.

*sigh. The total wait time was 6 hours.

6 hours!!

My god. For that we deserve some good food and lots of computer games. -__-
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