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08 June 2007 @ 02:32 pm
Hello, all!  I realized I haven't written in the longest time!

Some updates on my life - I'm not going to Indiana, yet!  One reason being that, well, shamefully-speaking, I've been rejected by a few Grad Schools at IN.  =\   I have also applied to a Masters program in Bio-statistics, that is also at IN.  But I'm required to take some upper-level math courses before I can be considered (for instace, Linear Algebra and Calculus III).   And hence if you see me dragging my tired corpse around with a whole handful of Math textbooks and a heavy backpack on my shoulders, that's probably why.

I have also applied to the Medical Laboratory Science program at the BC Institute of Technology (BCIT).  I have heard numerous good comments about it, especially the promising job placement after graduation.  So we will see how that goes.  Hopefully I can do some things with my life, if not everything.   Nothing is unexpected.  I mean, with a Biology degree, I pretty much knew I was going to work in a lab.  Though I also enjoy the research and investigation part of it, well, we will see how it goes. 

One thing I'm looking forward to, though, is Friday dinner with Mr. Bear!   After having school Monday to Friday with very little rest and food,  you can imagine how much I've been looking forward to this tasteful FEAST all week!  


We've been carefully selecting our Friday dinners by making a reference to DineHere.ca, a restaraunt guide to Vancouver.  It's an awesome little app really - you can search restaurants by price, location, ethic and etc and read reviews from different users.   We've already gone to a few of the recommended restaurants, such as Nice Cafe on Broadway for brunch and Cho Sun for Korean BBQ, which were all pretty good!  I think we might go again for BBQ tonight... I need meat, meat and more meat!!!!!! >:{ }}}
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